Those troublesome carbon deposits...

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Aug 01, 1991

Dear Tom and Ray:

I was listening to your radio show a few weeks ago, and I heard you advise a woman from Nashville who was having trouble with carbon deposits on the valves of her 1985 Camry. I own a 1984 Camry, and have had the same troubles for some time. You said that to dissolve the deposits, you can use a can of something Toyota sells for about $15. What's the name of the stuff? I'd like to try it.

TOM: Actually, Dan, Toyota doesn't make or even endorse any product for removing carbon deposits from valves. But a Toyota dealer we know swears by a fuel injection cleaner called 44K. It's made by B-G industries in Wichita, Kansas.

RAY: When carbon deposits build up on the valves of Camrys, the valves have trouble closing when they're hot. That causes the car to lose power--and it's particularly noticable when you're trying to accelerate or climb a hill.

TOM: And the Toyota dealer we work with recommends adding a can of 44K to a full tank of gas once every 15,000 miles. Does it work? It certainly seems to.

RAY: If it doesn't, send your $15 to us, and we'll send you a set of Click and Clack subliminal carbon dissolving cassettes. You play them in your cassette deck overnight, and in the morning, the carbon deposits are gone.

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