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Staff Blog | Nov 19, 2012

Thanks to all of you who took a moment last week to say to your mechanic, "Thanks for keeping the wheels from falling off my jalopy!" Because of your car-mic efforts, our nation's first-ever Thank a Mechanic Day was a rousing, grease-strained success! 

Some of you were ambitious enough to bake a plate of brownies for your favorite mechanic. (And without metal shavings or brake fluid, either! Really, you're too kind!)

You paid tribute to guys like Charles Lawson, at Manitou Auto Service. Says Adrian O'Leary, "He saved our butts many, many times. The most memorable was when my ancient Civic died on an off-ramp and his wife Joan came and rescued me and our toddler daughter in their personal vehicle. She pulled our car out of the way with a tow rope AND took us home."

To Charles and all the other hard-working, non-scamming wrench spinners out there, we tip our caps in your general direction. 
Brownies: second only to cold, hard cash.
Brownies: second only to cold, hard cash.

You told us about hundreds of honest and hard-working mechanics all over the country on our Facebook page. Needless to say, our faith in humanity is renewed! For a few minutes, anyway.

Who gets Car Talk's  Thank-a- Mechanic Car-ma Award? Our favorite tribute came from Yvonne in Randolph, New Hampshire, who penned this little missive for her mechanic, Steve, at Gateway Automotive.

My brakes feel soft, the steering is off.
It won't go fast, the horn won't blast.
The transmission sounds bad, this is making me mad.
It doesn't sound good, I can't lift the hood!
It skids when it rains, this car has no brains.
It slides on the snow, and it moves too slow.
There are all kinds of wires, I need new tires.
My mirror is broke, and why all the smoke?
My front door won't lock, I need new shocks.
I don't like the color, could you find me another?
It's running too hard, where's the junkyard?
The engine won't go, I'm out of dough.
The fuel light is on, and the rotors are gone.
I can't find my keys, WOULD YOU HELP ME PLEASE!
I know that you're busy, but I'm in a tizzy.
What's that you say? It will be ready today?!

Signed: Satisfied Customer
Written by Yvonne Jenkins

We realize we have a bit of a reputation for giving mechanics a hard time, so we're glad for this chance to lay off the boat payment jokes... only one day a year, mind you. Now, let's all get back to thanking our mechanic the old-fashioned way-- by shaking our heads in grief and opening our wallets wide.

Yours celebrating the angelic few,

Tom and Ray Magliozzi
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