Test Drive Note: 1963 Dodge Dart Convertible

Dodge Dart (1963)

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Original factory base price $2,385.00
Curb Weight 2710 lbs
Wheelbase 111 inches
Engine 225 cid slant six engine develops 145 bhp at 4000 rpm
0-60 Not listed.
Tires 6:50 x 13 tires standard
AM radio $169
TorqueFlite automatic transmission $172
Front seat belts $19
Outside rearview mirror $5
Padded instrument panel $16
Suggested resale price $2,384.00 (If you can find anyone that stupid.)
Curb Weight 1,321 pounds. (Note: decreasing by 3.4 ounces per day due to rust.)
Wheelbase All four wheels still integrated into wheel base.
Engine 225 cid slant six engine develops 36 bhp at 4000 rpm
0-60 Yes, with tail wind.
Tires On last check, yes.
Family of raccoons in back seat No Charge
Assorted Strewn Pizza Boxes No Charge
30 year old, previously owned water pump, fuel pump, assorted belts and hoses and extra torque converter in trunk No Charge
Nautilus Manual Convertible Top (Pecs, Biceps) No Charge
Aerodynamic Improvements (aka, rust holes) No Charge
"D-O-D-G-E logo modified to read "D-O-G" on trunk lid $15.00
Assortment, mostly-smoked Garcia Vega cigars in Ashtray No Charge
1 Copy, Boston Herald, July 19, 1979 No Charge

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