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Dear Car Talk | Jan 01, 1991

TOM: Over the last few weeks, we've announced our picks for the Ten Best Cars of 1990. In case you haven't been taking notes, here they are again.

RAY: We chose the 1991 Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager as the "Best Minivan." We named the Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable "Best All-Around Sedan," and the Toyota Camry V-6 as the "Other Best All-Around Sedan."

TOM: We thought the Mazda Miata was the "Most Fun For The Money," and the Jaguar XJS V-12 Convertible (Dark Blue) was the "Most Fun For A Lot Of Money."

RAY: The Ford Thunderbird is the "Best Not-Too-Small Sports Coupe." Another Ford, the Explorer, is the "Best Sports Utility Vehicle." We also named the Lexus LS-400 the "Most Awesome Car," and the Infiniti Q-45 the "Other Most Awesome Car."

TOM: As you can imagine, we had a tough time narrowing the list to ten. There were a number of cars that came very close to making it. Here they are...the first batch of CLICK AND CLACK 1990 TEN BEST RUNNERS-UP.


RAY: The Chrysler minivans are leading the pack once again, but these two are close seconds. The brand new Previa has Toyota reliability going for it, plus good handling and great interior design. It's got storage space for everything except the driver's left foot.

TOM: The Mazda MPV has always been one of our favorites. It's a well built, reliable van that's wonderful to drive. The MPV's biggest failing is it's lack of storage space. In fact, the glove compartment is so small they had to put the owner's manual on microfilm to fit it in there.


RAY: A lot of people consider the Accord to be the best all-around sedan on the market. There's no question that it's a very nice car. We rated it behind the Taurus and Camry mostly due to the comfort factor. Unless you're moving up from a Civic, the Accord is not a particularly comfortable car. Also, except for the new Accord wagon, you can't get an Accord with an airbag.


RAY: This car should be a hit for Volkswagen. It's a roomy, practical, sporty, fahrfargnugen-filled family car. But it hasn't caught on yet, and as a result, VW dealers are selling Passats at real bargain prices right now.

BMW 535i

TOM: These guys really know how to make cars. The 535i was a very strong contender in the MOST AWESOME category. You can feel how well this car was engineered when you drive it. The one thing we didn't like is that it handles like a plastic toboggan in the snow.


RAY: Another very good car. It's a comfortable, powerful, sports sedan that easily doubles as a family car. This is another car that would be higher on our list if it came with an airbag instead of those motorized "attack" seat belts.


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