Steamy Summer Fun: Cooking on Your Car (Seriously)!

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Staff Blog | Jul 31, 2012

Wondering what to do when it's boiling inside your car this summer? Cook eggs on the go! Car Talk pal Mike in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, just sent us this foolproof recipe:

Now that it's been getting over 100 degrees outside, it's getting up to 160 degrees inside my '85 Cutlass -- that's hot enough to slowly hard boil an egg.

I put the eggs on the dash in the morning and let them cook all day.  Half as long and you get soft boiled eggs, in time for a late lunch!

And voila! Lunch is served.

Mike’s not the only one to be inspired to new culinary heights by the summer heat. Check this out:

Hello officer, would you care for a s’more? (Flickr image by Jeff Houck/The Tampa Tribune)
Hello officer, would you care for a s’more?  (Flickr image by Jeff Houck/The Tampa Tribune)

Looks more like melting than baking, but give it a few more hours and you'll have a perfect snack for the commute home! That-- or a dashboard that will smell faintly of chocolate and marshmallows for the remainder of your car's days.

Never ones to be left behind, Tom and Ray slaved over a hot manifold when they made chicken burritos with none other than famed PBS Chef Ming Tsai.

Finally, a good use for Tommy’s MG!
Finally, a good use for Tommy’s MG!

If you want to try engine cooking yourself, check out Manifold Destiny by Chris Maynard and Bill Scheller. Actually serious about firing up the engine and giving it a go? Here's more from Tom and Ray.

Have you ever cooked over your engine or the dash? Or even out on a stretch of super-steamy tarmac? And if so, was it a delectable repast... or were you hanging your head in shame over the nearest porcelain fixture an hour later? 

Either way, we want to hear about it!

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