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Finding a driver rehabilitation specialist:

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists
A state-by-state directory to locate a driver rehabilitation specialist, equipment, and installers.

Veteran Affairs Driver Rehabilitation Program
Describes driver rehabilitation program.

Veteran Affairs Driver Rehabilitation
State list of driver rehabilitation centers.

Additional Information:

Adapting Motor Vehicles For People With Disabilities
This site has a free online brochure and a good introduction to the procedural steps for adapting a vehicle.

Driver Rehabilitation
What to look for and what to expect from driver rehabilitation programs.

Selecting Vehicles and Adaptations for Special Physical Needs
General information and tips about selecting a car, wagon, minivan, or full-size van.

On the Road Again: Mobility Program for the Physically Challenged
An overview of how to select and adapt a vehicle.

Adapting Your Car
Good tips to consider before purchasing a vehicle.

Adapted Vehicles
General overview and tips to avoid common mistakes.

When Your Plan Is a Van
A guide to asking the right questions and choosing the best vehicle for you.

Adaptive Driving
Includes questions to consider before vehicle purchase, examples of typical modifications and a description of the driver assessment process.

Driving With A Disability
General information and advice.

Shopping For An Adapted Vehicle
Expenses to anticipate when shopping for an adapted vehicle.

Automotive Mobility Equipment and Modifications
Advice for purchase of adaptive equipment and vehicle modification.

Lifts - Keys to Independent Driving
A good discussion about lifts, including costs involved.

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Resources to help you track down adaptive devices, vehicles and installers:

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists
Driver rehabilitation specialists will direct you to vehicle and equipment dealers and installers. They will also carefully inspect your vehicle and equipment for proper installation and modification.

National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association [NMEDA]
NMEDA is a trade organization for manufacturers and vendors of adaptive devices. Members must adhere to NHTSA safety standards and follow specific guidelines and regulations for equipment installation. This is a good source for technical information about equipment and vehicle adaptation.

Local hospitals and/or rehabilitation centers have occupational therapists, some of whom may be driver rehabilitation specialists. They can provide contact information for vehicle and equipment dealers and installers.

Technical Assistance Project: State Contact List
States are required to have programs for assistive devices, but check with your state for specific information. This site has a state-by-state contact list.

Veteran Affairs Driver Rehabilitation
A state-by-state map to locate driver rehabilitation centers.

Driver Rehabilitation for the Disabled Veteran
Pages 64 to 66 of this pamphlet include a list of Veterans Administration Driver Rehabilitation Centers.

Adaptive Driving/Vehicle Adaptations
Information on hand controls, left-foot gas pedals, driver-seat adaptations, lifts, and ramp sources.

Handicapped Driver Services
4 southern locations, NMEDA QAP accredited, since 1976.

Galbreath Motor Company
Sells new and used handicapped vans with lowered floors and ramps. Sells and installs wheelchair lifts, left foot gas pedals, and tie-downs.

Disability Resources Directory
A directory for cars, lifts, minivans, vans, and vehicle controls.

A large database for locating assistive devices, funded by the U.S. Department of Education for the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. Three-fifths of the staff of ABLE-DATA are disabled. Also check out their Automobile Accessories

Accessible Vehicles
Accessible van and lift sources.

Mobility Products
Accessible vehicles and lift contacts. Jim Lubin is a quadraplegic who has won awards for his excellent disability website.

Dis"ability" Vehicles (state map)
New and used vehicles, Dis"ability" can also sell your accessible vehicle.

Independent Mobility Systems, Inc.
A state-by-state van dealer list.

Disabled Dealer Magazine
A listing of new and used vans and adaptive equipment and can list for sale by owner ads.

Accessible Vans of America
Phone: (888) 282-8267
Listings of new and used vans and equipment.

Mobility Consignment
Buys and sells used adaptive vehicles and equipment.

Adaptive Driving Alliance
Nationwide network of vehicle modification dealers for disabled drivers and passengers.

Drive-Master Co., Inc.
Sells hand controls, lifts, ramps, and pedals.

DADC Hand Control System
State list for distributors and installers.

Creative Controls Inc.
Sells hand controls, lifts, ramps, and tie-downs.

RV Accessibility for the Disabled Vehicle Manufacturers
A directory of RV manufacturers.

Winnebago: Disability Accessible Recreation Vehicles
Phone: (800) 632-2003
Information on special features such as roll-in showers and lifts.

Wheelchair Getaways
Phone: (800) 536-5518 or (859) 873-4973
Fax: (859) 873-8039
Wheelchair Getaways sells their used rental vehicles.

Classified ads to buy or sell used adapted vehicles.

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Here are our suggestions for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists:

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

Veteran Affairs Driver Rehabilitation Program
State list of driver rehabilitation centers.

Veteran Affairs Driver Rehabilitation
Describes driver rehabilitation program.

Department of Motor Vehicle Addresses
A list of state motor vehicle addresses and phone numbers.

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Here are our suggestions for insurance information resources:

Youreable.com Motor Insurance
Tips and advice for insuring adaptive vehicles and equipment.

Adaptive Assurance
Phone: (888) 592-6315
Specialized insurance coverage for adaptive-equipped vehicles.

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Here are our suggestions for financial assistance resources:

State Rehabilitation Providers
List of state-by-state rehab providers.

State Vocational and Rehabilitation Agencies
List of state vocational rehabilitation programs.

Technical Assistance Project
A list of state contacts for assistive devices. Their primary purpose is to make you independent so you can find or keep a job.

Veteran Affairs Driver Rehabilitation
State list of driver rehabilitation centers for funding guidance and benefits for veterans.

Government Resources
List of state and federal links.

Easter Seals
Contact local chapter for guidance and adaptive equipment funding.

Car Ownership Programs for Welfare and Low-Income Families
Several states have financial assistance programs for vehicle ownership. The focus is not disability, however, but financial need.

Car Funding
General funding tips.

Financing Your Van Conversion
General financial discussion and financing options to consider.

Funds Without Fuss: How to Save on Van Conversion
Discussion of funding resources and ways to save on van conversion.

Car Manufacturer Reimbursement Programs

General Motors GM Mobility Program
Phone: (800) 323-9935 / (800) 833-9935 (TTY users)
GM Mobility Assistance Center
100 Renaissance Center
P.O. Box 100
Detroit, MI 48265-1000

GM of Canada Mobility Program
Phone: (905) 644-3063 (within U.S.)
(800) 463-7483 (within Canada)
(800) 263-3830 (TTY users)

Saturn Mobility Program
Saturn Assistance Center
MD #371-999-S24
100 Saturn Parkway
Spring Hill, TN 37174
Phone: (800) 553-6000 / (800) 833-6000 (TTY users)

Ford Mobility Motoring Program
P.O. Box 529
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303
Phone: (800) 952-2248 / (800) 833-0312 (TTY users)
(800) 565-8985 (within Canada)

Daimler Chrysler Automobility Program
P.O. Box 5080
Troy, MI 48007-5080
Phone: (800) 255-9877 / (800) 922-3826 (TTY users)

Toyota Mobility Program
Toyota Customer Assistance Center
Mail Drop WC10
19001 South Western Avenue
Torrance, CA 90509-2714
Phone: (800) 331-4331 / (800) 443-4999 (TTY users)

Lexus Mobility Program
Lexus Customer Satisfaction
19001 South Western Avenue
Mail Drop L203
Torrance, CA 90509-2991
Phone: (800) 255-3987 / (800) 443-4999 (TTY users)

Subaru Mobil-it-Ease Program
Phone: 1-800-SUBARU-3

Volkswagen Mobility Access Program
P.O. Box 214378
Auburn Hills, MI 48321-9975
Phone: (800) 822-8987

Volvo Mobility Assistance Program
Phone: (800) 803-5222 / (800) 833-0312 (TTY users)

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Here are our suggestions for adaptive vehicle rental resources:

Renting Adapted Cars in Specific Countries
Rental resources for several countries.

Portable Hand Control Systems

Portable Hand Control Systems
Information about portable hand controls.

Portable Hand Controls

Automobile Rental Agencies
A listing of rental agencies.

Van Rental Agencies
A listing of van rental agencies.

Accessible Vans of America
Phone: (888) 282-8267
Accessible Vans of America rents and sell full-size and lowered-floor minivans. The site includes a state-by-state state map to locate a dealer nearest you.

Phone: (800) 456-1371
Wheelers rents minivans and vans in most major cities and airports.

Wheelchair Getaways
Reservations: (800) 642-2042
The Wheelchair Getaways site includes a state-by-state map to locate dealers for vans and minivans.

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Here are our suggestions for information on refueling if you're disabled:

Americans With Disabilities Act: Assistance at Self-Serve Gas Stations

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