Some Things Cannot Be Unseen: Ugliest Car Winner

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Staff Blog | Jan 31, 2013

What’s the ugliest car out there?

A few weeks ago, we asked you for your nominations and let you, the Car Talk community, pick the most putrid.

And, boy, did we have some doozies. Some of you wanted a "Vote for All" button. We can't say we disagree, either.

Your thousands of votes have been tallied. And the winners are...

In Third Place...The Lincoln MKT

"Official vehicle of the American Orthodontics Association. Look at those grills," says Car Talk Producer Dougie Berman. (Just how many orthodontists did Lincoln have on the design team, anyway?)

Ugly is as ugly does. --Ancient proverb
Ugly is as ugly does. --Ancient proverb

In Second Place...The Nissan Cube

Boy, you hated this one! One visitor wonders, "Is this the car or the box that it came in?" Another compares it to a dented box of Kleenex--but ultimately decided that Kleenex had the aesthetic advantage.

But I do all my best thinking inside this box.
But I do all my best thinking inside this box.

And, now, the Number One ugliest car out there? Drum roll please....

The Nissan Juke!


The Nissan Juke. Rhymes with . . . ?
The Nissan Juke. Rhymes with . . . ?

It's so ugly, we can barely look at it straight on without clutching our guts. Car Talk Blogger Tom Bodett's comment? "I can never remember--is it alligators, crocodiles or Nissans that have eyes on top?"

Here's what you said about it:

"I test drove one last week and looking out over the hood of the car it seemed like bug eyes were looking back at me!" --rc1

"Its looks double as a theft deterrent!" -Gnhikn

Want to see the full list of nominees and what Tom, Ray and the rest of the crew at Car Talk Plaza thought of them? Check 'em out, right here. Remember, though, some things cannot be unseen.

Thanks for playing along--and to the design team at Nissan, we say, take heart, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There must be someone out there who adores the Juke. Maybe?

From two people who know ugly,

Tom, Ray and the lackeys of Car Talk Plaza

P.S. A note on the judging: Our lackeys must have been asleep at their desks (like usual) to let the Fiat Multipla through into the finals. Even though it is undeniably ugly, the Multipla is no longer in production so the judges have no choice but to disqualify it. Better luck next time, Fiat. We're sure you've still got it.

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