Snotsicles: The Definitive Image

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Staff Blog | Jan 18, 2012

A few weeks ago, Tom and Ray shared a few new words. Like, for example, stupiphany, annoyilate-- and our hosts' personal favorite, snotsicle. (You can see the full list, right here).

Little did we know, that would lead to some cringe-worthy images landing in our staff in-box. Like this offering from Car Talk listener Bob Brown, who shared this amazing photo of an authentic snotsicle, photographed in its native habitat-- namely, the end of his cold schnoz.

Bob, we just had a stupiphany! If that snotsicle gets any bigger, you're going to annoyilate your friends, and you might end up with a bad case of cranium rectalmitis, if you catch our drift.

Happy skiing, Bob, and try to avoid any self-inflicted wounds.

Tom and Ray,

You guys are quite taken with the term "snotcicle."  I would like to submit the attached photograph (not retouched) for your consideration as a pictorial definition of snotcicle.

Bob Brown

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