Safe Driving Zone

Planning on having an accident? Neither are we. But, sometimes, an errant plutonium tanker can alter our plans... just a little.

That's why we've developed the Car Talk Safe Driving Zone.

Whether you're taking the kids to kazoo practice or road-tripping it to the World's Largest Ball of Lint, stop here for a moment and gather a few of our favorite Car Talk hints and tips for a safe, smoke and flame-free drive.

Yours in miles of wrecker-free travels,

Tom and Ray
Click and Clack, The Tappet Brothers


Guide to Civil Driving
Driver Distraction Center
Learning to Drive Safely: Skid School
Check Safety Recalls
FIDO: Freeway Information for Dog Owners

Summer Driving Tips
Winter Driving Tips
What's In Your Trunk?
How to Set Your Mirrors
Child Seat Safety
How to Safely Jump Start Your Car
How to Safely Change a Flat
Mechanics Files
Alert NHTSA to a Safety Problem with your Car
Buying a Safer Car
Driving Safely
Driving in Lousy Weather
Dealing with Dangerous Situations
Preventive maintenance to keep you safe
Repairs that can save your car - and maybe even you, too
Ask a Question in the Car Talk Community
Email Tom and Ray
Sign up for Car Talk Time Kill Weekly
Car Talk Car Survey
Test Drive Notes
Help a Teen Be a Safer Driver