Should we be worried about Y2K?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | May 01, 1999

Dear Tom and Ray:

Regarding Y2K, what problems can we anticipate with current models? What about older cars? -- Tony

TOM: As far as we know, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Of course, I'm spending the fall getting my Schwinn tuned up just in case.

RAY: We've checked with all of the manufacturers, and all of them claim that Y2K problems will have no effect on any of their cars. We can't verify this, but it makes
sense. There are really no date-dependent functions in automotive computers, which are the functions most likely to be affected by Y2K problems.

TOM: Wait a minute, I just thought of one! What about cars that display the date on the dashboard? Like Dad's '85 Chrysler New Yorker? On New Year's Day, do you
think his dashboard is going to read Jan. 1, 1900?

RAY: I don't know. But now I know where we'll be spending New Year's Eve ... in Dad's car! Watch this space for a complete report in January.

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