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The Pizza Delivery Guy Chimes In

Danny Pearson sent the following letter

Fabulous bit on blue-haired drivers!

I recently visited the beautiful countries of Sweden and Norway. While driving with a friend, I learned that getting a driver's license is much more difficult there than here. It involves taking SEVERAL tests at different times of the year in different weather and road conditions. The drivers there were much more courteous and conscientious than they are here.

I am almost 20 and have already delivered pizza for quite some time. I'll admit, I'm not the best driver on the road, but I'm also not the worst. (It helps you to drive better when you have a big sign on top of your car informing people of the number where you can be reached.) I have seen many people drive, and I'm aware of many dangers on the road. I have come to the conclusion that it is not just the young, old and yuppie drivers who need adjusting, but the standards used as well. I would be perfectly willing to take a yearly driving test if it meant safer roads, especially in my line of work.

There are many things that inhibit people's driving abilities, and everyone can be a better driver in some way or another. If we focus on increasing standards for certain social groups, we will only get the bad drivers from those specific groups off the road. The trick is to get ALL the bad drivers off the roads, not just the old, young and yuppies.

Thanks for listening!


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