Rant and Rave

How Those Civilised Brits Handle the Problem

Jonathan Chandler sent the following letter


I am an avid listener to your program and recently heard your Rant about our more senior drivers. As an Englishman who lives over here for part of the year, I have always wondered why your elderly are allowed to drive large boats when they can often barely see over the steering wheel.

In Great Britain we have a much more civilised solution to this problem. When you first get your driving license at 18, it is valid until the age of 65, whereupon you must renew it. The catch being that you have to pass the driving test again, as well as pass a visual test. Yes, the driving license does cost more--about $150--but it is a one-time fee. This system does prevent dangerous senior drivers from driving when they can't.

So, you ask, when does my license expire? 2027. Needless to say, when I have been pulled over in this country for speeding, it has confused many a policeman, never mind the fact that it is a British license. And, yes, I can drive in this country with it--it is classified as an international driver's license, although it makes cashing checks a little difficult.

I hope this will give you some ideas as to how to lobby your Congress to fix this serious and dangerous driving situation. Keep up the good work.

Jonathan Chandler

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