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Caregivers: One Solution to the Blue-Hair Dilemma

Dale Mayer sent the following letter

Solve the driving problem by giving the elderly some chauffeurs! Not the sort in dark suits with limos (I'm not talking about undertakers), but their neighbors. In Sandwich, New Hampshire, we have an organization called Sandwich Caregivers. (There are hundreds of these groups all over the U.S.) We have volunteers from town who will drive other townsfolk to doctors, shopping or just for fun. It's sociable, costs nothing for those being driven and encourages them to give up driving. New Hampshire made my mother take a driving test at 92--a smart idea, I thought. She "passed" the test. Then the young man who had given her a license to go out on the road when her reflexes were poor and eyesight terrible took me aside and said, "You know, you really shouldn't let her drive." So, how do you persuade someone who's been driving for 78 years to stop, when she's just passed the test again??

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