Rant and Rave


Ken sent the following letter

Dear Drs. Tom and Ray:

Reading your Rant about the "blue-hair" problem drivers reminded me of an incident my now-deceased grandmother had. Her cataracts finally became too much so she had them removed and her eye lenses replaced. After a few weeks, and upon receiving the go-ahead from her doctor, she once again ventured out into the Alameda, California (Oakland-San Francisco Bay area), traffic.

When she came home, she was white as a sheet. Her son asked her what was the matter, and she responded that the traffic had been "just TERRIBLE! There were cars EVERYWHERE!"

My uncle tried not to think about the fact that all of those cars had been there for years, but she had just been unable to see them. By the way, she continued to drive for many years after that. But, at least then she was able to see the cars.

Keep up the good work, gentlemen!

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