Rant and Rave

A Hopping Mad Old-Timer Chimes In

The Rev. John H. Lacey sent the following letter

You young whippersnappers need to watch your mouths when you make ageist cracks about Sen. John Glenn. I am almost the same age as Glenn and I was damn proud of my generation when he made his first space trip, and even more proud about his intended repeat performance. I'll have you know that at the age of 74 I am a darned sight better driver than a lot of the turnpike cowboys I encounter every day on my 100-mile commute to work. I travel at the speed of the traffic in whichever lane I drive, I always signal for lane changes (which maybe 1 percent of drivers do), I don't tailgate, I don't make right turns out of the left lane and I never leave my turn signal on for miles and miles as I see many drivers do between Brooksville and Tampa--every day! I'm hopping mad and I'M NOT GOING TO PUT UP WITH IT ANY LONGER!! Love your show!!

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