Rant and Rave

You see, Tommy is the whole show. There is no Ray

This is written in response to Alan Goldberg's rant about Tommy's irrelevancy to the show.

Dear Mr. Goldberg

Your observations of the Car Talk radio show are astute, but I am afraid that you are unaware of the true reason behind Tommy's bumbling radio persona.

You see, Tommy is the whole show. There is no Ray.

Prior to Car Talk, Tommy had developed a moderately succesful ventriloquist act featuring himself and his puppet sidekick, Ray. He traveled around the countryside with his act, exploiting the usual "the dummy is smarter than the ventriloquist" schtick everywhere he went. This continued until one day Tommy, forgetting for a moment that his companion was made of felt, got so aggrivated with Ray for making him look dumb all the time (even though it was a part of the act) that he chopped Ray's head off with a meat cleaver. It did not take Tom long to realize that he also had also separated his right hand from his arm and ended his ventriloquism career in the same stroke.

After this devastating blow to his career, Tommy had to explore new options. One thing led to another and soon he had adapted his act for radio, and it eventually took the form we now know as Car Talk. To this day, Tommy continues to utilize the "dummy is smarter than the ventriloquist" technique in his act, even though no one has a clue which is which anyway.

I hope this explanation answers any questions you may have about tommy's relevancy to the show.

Tim Isham

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