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I have to admit, Lee Estes makes a good argument. Too bad he uses all the wrong words. I agree that the government (at times) has played Big Brother in areas more effectively managed by good ol' common sense. However, common sense is not sufficient at 110 mph. At only 34 mph faster, the white line becomes solid to the human eye. Mr. Estes may have bionic reflexes, but, hey, what about the rest of us who don't see him coming?

I hate to bring a serious note to this topic, but I lost my only brother to an auto accident because he thought exactly as Mr. Estes. "I should be able to go as fast as I like. And, besides, my car was designed to go this fast." He had his car up to 100 miles per hour on the open highway and then the right front tire blew out. This caused the car literally to leave the highway from such a pull to the right. Unfortunately the only thing in the way of a very soft cotton field was an overpass column about four feet thick. It stopped the car by hitting it directly on the driver's door. The front and rear of the car kept going. The car was literally U-shaped. My brother acted as a cushion for his best friend, who was also in the car and escaped with only a broken rib and a bruised forehead. They say my brother's heart exploded on impact. The cassette in the radio was shattered. This was a broadside hit. No seat belt or air bag could have saved his life.

Please excuse the tone of this reply; it's just that I see people like Mr. Estes driving at excessive (over 85 mph) speeds every day. I usually don't care as long as I am not affected. But what if Mr. Estes is traveling along at 110 miles per hour in the left lane and I'm in the right lane, and Mr. Estes has a blowout similar to my brother's? Now I'm affected, my family is affected, and, yes, even Mr. Estes is now affected (and responsible). How dare Mr. Estes think that the highway was constructed just for him? Mr. Estes, the highways of AMERICA are paid for by the people, to be used and enjoyed by the people. Driving itself is a privilege given to us by us. Don't forget, we voted for all of this stuff. I'm sure that Mr. Estes hates it when somebody tailgates him. I'll bet he's the one who just can't stand to be passed, either. And, by the way, I'm from the school of "if you're tailgating me at highway speeds, I'm hittin' the brakes HARD ( to avoid a puppy on the road, of course), and Mr. Estes can pay for BOTH cars. I'd rather be hit directly from behind than broadsided any day.

End of rant.

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