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Bill Nadolski sent the following letter
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It's not about speed. It's about stupidity!

Some people are so good at concentrating on the road, at anticipating where other drivers are going to be, at controlling their vehicles, and at seeing the road ahead, that they could go significantly faster than the posted speed limit and STILL be safe; other people have no idea what they're doing behind the wheel and are, to use the words of a famous safety advocate, "unsafe at any speed."

In modern-day America, we've become so obsessed with "objectivity" that we've lost our ability to make judgments about individual circumstances based on the context of the moment. To be a bit more specific, a speed limit of 65 mph is ridiculously high in snow, sleet, and rain but ridiculously low on a sunny, clear spring day. Speed limits LOOK objective, but they really are arbitrary standards that do not take into account the ever changing conditions of the road or the driver's ability to respond to those conditions.

I'm not saying that we should all go out and drive like we're in the Indy 500, nor am I saying that anyone who chooses to drive slowly is an idiot. I am saying that safe driving involves the ability to make appropriate judgments in the prevailing conditions; rigidly defined speed limits do not take this into account.

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