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RE: Rant & Rave--Speed Limits

I'll cut you guys a little slack since you live in one of those itty-bitty states in the Northeast that one could drive across during lunch if it weren't for all the damned people. Speed limits make sense where you are. Have you ever driven U.S. 50 across central Nevada? The cumulative human population of every town passed through barely reaches the very low four figures. Traffic consists of a black speck on the visible horizon about 20 miles away. The only apparent road hazard is a jack rabbit coming through the windshield. Let the people who live there choose their own level of safety. You East Coasters are the same people who gave us Daylight Moving Time, which enables people in Ohio to get up in the dark and go to bed in the twilight. No one is forcing you hive-dwellers to drive fast, so stop complaining and stop breeding and sending your offspring west.

By the way, I've been a lawyer for 15 years. Before I went to law school, I was an auto mechanic for 10 years. I'm still looking for an honest way to make my boat payments. Love your show.

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