Rant and Rave

In Defense of Tommy

Dear Tommy,

I just read Alan Goldberg's R&R about Oldsmobile and you. There is a perfectly logical reason for keeping you on the show. Reason 1, your laugh. As grating as it may sometimes be, it IS the one sound that one remembers when listening to your show. To this day, my wife still says," Geez, do you have to listen to that?" Just think, if not for your laugh, who would remember anything useful that you guys had to say? Reason b, dead space. If you said nothing at all, how long would the show be? 20-25 minutes? Then Ray would have to take more calls. Maybe 8-10 more per show. More useless dissemination of information to perhaps 400 more persons per year. NO,no,no!! Keep talking. Besides, we older brothers have got to stick together. Forget it, Alan. TOM HAS A PLACE ON THE SHOW!! He just hasn't found it yet.

Doug Allshouse
Daly City, CA

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