Rant and Rave

Rant and Rave

The Hollywood Manifesto

I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take it Any More!

Just what ARE we going to do about Hollywood? Does there exist, anywhere else in the world, a community so tacky, so ignorant, so irresponsible, so mercenary--and so rich? On our money.

A week or so ago I went to see The Rock. And this did it for me. I may never go to a movie again. For 15 or 20-minutes it was actually interesting. Sean Connery is always good. Then the Hollywood Schlocks took over. What had started out as a reasonably interesting story with some reasonably interesting characters suddenly degenerated to utter nonsense with a 20 minute car chase. From there, it further degenerated to blood, gore, killing, more blood, more shooting.

I realized later that what we had here was a 20-to-30-minute story which had been stretched to 2 hours. This, I guess, is the usual formula. I suppose it does keep a lot of special effects people and a lot of stunt persons off the streets, but gee.

So What?

There are a couple of things worth talking about.

First, think about who we're making rich. Second, what affect does it have on the world.

Making Morons Rich

There is Sly. Now, if ever there was a man in need of a big brother, here he is. He has made several hundred million dollars carrying around that cannon and blowing up everything and everyone in sight. Granted, he couldn't get a job doing much of anything else. I'm happy that he's living comfortably. I suppose if he hadn't been kept busy doing what he does, he could have become a real criminal. But Sly--- enough already.

Then, of course, there is Arnold. This Neanderthalic mutant sometimes appears to actually have some semblance of a brain. Obviously he doesn't, or he wouldn't continue to do the things he does. Surely, he doesn't need the money.

I'm really ashamed of Bruce Willis. He really does have a brain and he has some talent. So, what's with him? Surely, he too has enough money.

Then of course, there are all the people directing, producing, gaffing, best boying and all the rest. Many of these are the ignorant, tacky, irresponsible, mercenaries referred to above.

And we're making them all so rich that they can afford to buy small countries.

Is This Good?

Of course it's not good. Everyone--except those getting rich--admits that it's not good. Is it just a coincidence that crime and violence in the real world have escalated so dramatically in the past couple of decades during which these movies have been made?

Now, I'm not so naive as to believe that Hollywood schlock is the sole cause of all the social ills in this country. But is it contributing? Of course it is. Is it doing any good? Of course it's not. Anything that contributes should be stopped, unless it contains some other benefits. Name one.

The Hollywood types say that their "art" is simply the mirror of society and reality. They say there is no causal link between what they do and what happens in the world. Bull! Everyone without a vested interest knows that they clearly are affecting attitudes and behaviors. When we see violence, we become desensitized to it.

Would you or I see one of these movies and consider blowing up a building? NO. But how about an immature teenager with raging hormones--the very segment that frequents these movies?

Hollywood answers that millions of kids see these movies and are good honest, law-abiding citizens. No one asserts that the movies affect everyone. Do they have to affect everyone in order to be bad? How many whackos does it take to blow up a building and kill hundreds of innocent people? One or two people can effect greatly disproportionate havoc. How many people does it take to murder your son or daughter? Isn't just one, too many?

So, What to Do?

What can we do about this? I mean why are we allowing these tacky morons to get so rich? Morons with no social responsibility. And are we helplessly in their grasp?

We are not helplessly in their grasp. Here's why.

THEY NEED OUR MONEY. They get our money from the movie theaters. So, what if we boycott ALL MOVIES shown in ANY movie theater that shows these ridiculously violent movies. We know that much of the movie revenue comes from teenagers. But not all of it. It doesn't do any good for us to boycott the specific movie; there will be plenty of teenagers to bring money to THAT movie. But, we CAN boycott the entire movie theater.

There aren't many independently owned movie theaters around any more, but there are some. Their owners might have a little social consciousness. So, next time you feel the urge to go to a movie, just avoid the theaters that are advertising Arnold and Sly and Bruce.

If you're mad as hell and want to do something about it, here's a suggested set of actions.

1. Boycott the theaters. Simply refuse to give them your money if they insist on showing Sly, Arnold, Bruce and others of their ilk.

2. Insist that your kids boycott the theaters, too. The kids--who provide much of the movie revenue--probably get their money from you. I refuse to let my kid go to the blood and gore movies, but I stupidly give him the money to see different movies in this same theater. No more!

3. Tell the theater what you're doing and why. Write a letter (sample enclosed).

4. Tell everyone you know.

5. Post the manifesto. Put it in supermarkets, bulletin boards at work--anywhere you can, that will get others to tell these theaters that we're mad as hell.

5. Tell us. We'll make up a Movie Fecal Roster (MFR) of movies that shouldn't have been made. Movies that are doing society no good --and probably a lot of harm. When you see one, let us know and we'll add it to the MFR. Since I never go to movies, my only contribution is The Rock (sorry, Sean, but you never should have sullied your reputation with this one.)

6. Let us know which movie theaters you're boycotting. We'll make up a Theater Fecal Roster as well TFR.

I'm sure there are a few movie makers left who know the difference between art and schlock. Let's get them back. And let the tacky morons find real jobs.


Please help to stop the production of movies that contain killing and other forms of violence. Although Hollywood refuses to admit that such movies influence impressionable young people, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that these movies are certainly CONTRIBUTING to the mayhem in our society. They are certainly not helping the situation.

Some people have decided that one way to get Hollywood's attention is to boycott not just the movies themselves--which you probably already do--but to also boycott the movie THEATERS which continue to show such movies. Refuse to give them your money. Money is the only language they understand. If you have the time, write a letter to the theater Manager and explain that you are boycotting his or her theater--and explain why.

Thanks for helping.

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