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Rant and Rave

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Got your blood pressure under control? Good. Because, here's another one of our our brand new, hemorrhoidally-induced collection of rants and raves, now available as a genuine hardcover book from our Shameless Commerce Division.

The Committee on Student Apathy

by Tom Magliozzi

When my brother was in his second or third senior year at MIT, he was elected president of the NRSA, the Non-Resident Student Association. Members were students who were what? Right. Non-residents. I mean, even if you lived at home, you ought to have a place to hang your hat-so to speak. That place was the NRSA. Somehow the NRSA had become a motley collection of reprobates and goof-offs. Pinball (Pac Man had not yet made its appearance) was the major pastime, and the association awarded a prize each year to the student who had been at the Institute the longest-without having been awarded a degree (of course).

As president of the NRSA, my brother was an ex officio member of the campuswide Committee on Student Apathy.

He mentioned this odd-sounding committee to me one day, and I said, "What does the committee do?"

He says, "I don't know. I've never gone to any of the meetings."

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