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Rant and Rave

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Got your blood pressure under control? Good. Because, here's another one of our our brand new, hemorrhoidally-induced collection of rants and raves, now available as a genuine hardcover book from our Shameless Commerce Division.


by Ray Magliozzi

Do we really need Walking magazine?

What's wrong with us? Do we need advice for everything? Can't we do anything on our own? I, for one, don't need too much advice on walking. About one page could do it.

Now I think I learned the basics at about 13 months, and by the time I was four, I was a pro. And I don't think I need a regularly published magazine to provide continuing education. It's pretty axiomatic that if you want to get in shape, walking is a great way to do it. And I think the farther and the faster you walk, and the more hills you climb, the better shape you'll be in. Oh, yeah. Good walking shoes or sneakers might be a good idea, too. So that's about it. Please send me $34.50 for your subscription, and this month I'll send you a letter reminding you to get off your butt and walk to the store. Next month I'll encourage you to walk to work or maybe even the dry cleaners or the library. And in the coming months I'll provide you with even more exciting destinations, like walking to a lake. Perhaps I'll even reveal some secrets--like leaning forward when you're climbing steep hills. All for just $34.50... We'll also send you some steak knives.

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