Rant and Rave

Dear Theater Manager,

This note is to inform you that I will no longer patronize your theater. For a long time, I have been fed up with movies which contain senseless and gratuitous violence. I strongly believe that these movies affect the youth of America by desensitizing them to the horror of guns and killing. I do not attend such movies. But I have, in the past, come to your movie theater to see decent movies. I will no longer do so.

In addition, you should know that I am doing everything possible to convince others to boycott your theater as well. I am informing all my friends and acquaintances of my action and asking them to join me. I am posting notices to this affect in as many public places as possible. I will not allow my children to come to you theater until you stop showing such movies. I hope that your social consciousness will overcome your desire to make money.

You may not agree that these movies do harm. But surely, you must admit that they do no good. Even if only one young person is adversely affected, we know that one person can wreak havoc on innocent people. Please stop being a party to this. Together, perhaps we can get Hollywood to make good movies again.


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