Rant and Rave

Mysticism vs. Mathematics

Edward A. Moritz, Esq. sent the following letter

Dear Dr. Tom:

Yesterday I listened to your rant to the effect that no one ever uses the math they learn in high school, and it all sounded a little bit convincing. I did, however, have to suppress my naval service experience in spherical geometry for celestial navigation and chalk it up to either stellar "alchemy" and mysticism in order to buy your theory.

Then last night on C-SPAN Book Notes, I heard David Boorstin (I think he's a former Librarian of Congress and author of "The Discoverers," etc.) quoting Albert Einstein's last words on his deathbed to his son, namely, "If I'd only had more mathematics." I think that trumps my magical discovery of Bermuda by the stars as well as your limited empirical theory to the contrary, even if "Der Professor" was similarly mesmerized by a lug nut.

Edward A. Moritz, Esq.

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