Rant and Rave

Stop Sabotaging Civilization!

Bob Schumacher sent the following letter

I find it almost impossible to know how to address that tirade you treated us with, but any response would have to begin and end with: "You are wrong!" The abbreviated middle of the lecture you deserve--and I won't waste our time with more--is that most of what you were exposed to in school has not been directly used by you. It has only given you the means to understand the world you live in (and make a living in), and enriched your life beyond measure. If you think that mathematics and science--impossible without mathematics--have not contributed to that understanding, then you are in the same boat as my late father-in-law, who claimed he learned everything he needed to know in life by age 18. In his case, that was sadly true. When Sputnik went up, he wanted to know what kept it there.

After listening to my explanation, his timeless reply was, "That can't be true." (I was six months away from my Ph.D. in physics at the time.)

Come on, guys. Try to make a contribution to civilization, not sabotage it.

Bob Schumacher

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