Rant and Rave

Why pick on math?

Danny Kim-Shapiro sent the following letter

Think about how old geometry is and what a shame it would be for us to lose that knowledge. Think about three apples. Now think about the number 3. What do you see in your mind? Now think of 3 + 2. Can your dog think like this? Now think of x being a variable representing some integer. Now think of sin(x), etc., etc. We have the ability to think this way, and it should be developed in everyone. In addition, math is a good way to teach logical, critical thinking.

Do you think an engineer or a doctor needs to know math and science? (Math is a necessary tool for scientists). Should we decide when a student is, say, 12 years old that they will not be a medical doctor or a scientist so they don't have to take any more math?

Why pick on math? Is it because you didn't like it?

Danny Kim-Shapiro

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