Rant and Rave

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The Rant and The Rave Response
By Dr. Thomas L. Magliozzi

Just what is a Rant and Rave (R&R)? Well, according to the Oxford Tappet Dictionary, an R&R is a cathartic process by which humans (especially me) relieve themselves of anger and frustration--those gnawing events and issues--those mental ingrown hairs across our butts--that plague our daily lives and about which it seems that little can be done. If allowed to "live" inside the human body, they fester and make us depressed, cynical, and just plain unhappy.

However there is scientific evidence that suggests that through a process referred to in the psychological literature as "venting one's spleen," (what the hell IS a spleen anyway?), the soul is cleansed and all is temporarily right with the world.

Deep down, however, the Ranter/Raver, (R/R) does have greater aspirations S/he (please note this unique mechanism for avoiding gender bias; clever, isn't it?) hopes that someone, somewhere--hearing or seeing the R&R will come to the aid of the R/R. S/he imagines a groundswell of response. S/he (this is already getting annoying, isn't it) knows that somewhere lies the possibility that the R&R could strike a chord with hundreds, thousands or millions.

Like earthquakes, hemorrhoidal flare-ups, and attacks of the gout, there is no way to predict the occurrence of an R&R. It just happens. So, the R&R's that appear here could change daily, hourly, weekly. Occasionally there are long lapses--and SUDDENLY.............!

By the way, if one of these R&Rs strikes a chord for you, visit the Cafe Dartre and post a message. We may even consider posting guest R/Rs here! And as soon as the blood vessels in my forehead recede, I'll scoot down there and see what you have to say.

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