Rant and Rave

Gerry Johnson sent the following letter (response sent from redirected to Web page).

The Boom & Thump school of car music is NOT about music. It's about being noticed (a.k.a. coolin' & cruisin') It announces "I'm here, I'm bad, I'm mobile, and you're not..." feeling the pulse. (How could you not? It's only vibrating every bone in your body?

I personally prefer to get my adrenal rushes & testosterone enhancements by cranking up Wagner, Verdi, Bach and Mahler (if Van Halen's not available).

Yes, it appears to be a gender-based problem, and specific to ages 12-30 or less. I've never seen a girl submit to that sheer assault on the senses unless she's given up her right to have equal say with the dude with whom she's hanging.

I have 6 kids, so we've been through it all musically, from heavy metal to hip-hop. The good news is, they all learned to value their eardrums before they lost them.

Despite the sound levels, I'm grateful that my kids have kept me young and in-the-know.

We just established decibel limits when we're home.

by the way, the police in our town DO have sound meters, and do ticket the boom & thumpers" regularly.

But as my kids say, "If the music's too loud, yer' too old!"


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