Rant and Rave

Michelle Miller sent the following letter (response sent from redirected to Web page).

Two things,

I totally agree with Christopher about the stereos, but the problem will only last for one generation. Music at that level will sterilize you and so all the dummies will not be able to breed and this phenomenon will die out in one generation. Also Christopher does not live in Northern California or he would notice that at least 25% of the dummies are women. They grow them equally stupid up here. Second, and this is going to hit close to the bone here. I have just returned from picking up my Max and the Schnauzer tape from UPS. I am thrilled with the tape, but not with UPS. I found UPS to be very polite, and I can tolerate calling 1-800 numbers to talk to polite convicts in Kansas because is impossible to get in touch with anyone on the local level here. But it is very strange to be asking someone, who is probably behind bars half a continent away, for directions in a small town in California. I am a patriotic American, and I like using the post office, which is five blocks away, rather than the 15 miles away UPS is. I hated UPS, and I still hate UPS. Is there someway to get your stuff through the United States mail like a true red-blooded American should. I am willing to pay extra.

Thank You

A Patriotic American,

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