Rant and Rave

The Real Problem? Yuppies!

Jim Gray sent the following letter

Actually, this is in response to Tom's Rant on old people: You are a sick, sick person, Tom. Just look around you (as objectively as you can) and see the ones cutting you off on the freeway (I know you don't have freeways out there); those who give you the bird; those who NEVER use a turning signal; those who drive when it's almost dark and still haven't turned on their lights; those who don't turn on their lights when it's raining; those on the car phone in the fast lane who won't move over; those who have raised their "trucks" up two stories so when they hit another car, it kills everyone except the truck driver--see THEM with road rage. The yuppie mommies with their yuppie SUVs, their yuppie car phones--just dare to get in their way. I think you will find those people are between 25 and 40. They seem to be the most rude! Granted, real old people aren't the best, but I'll take them over the 25-40 group, as the older drivers aren't doing 70-90 mph when it is raining!

At least with older drivers one stands an even chance!

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