Quotes about Tom Magliozzi

Ray Magliozzi:
“When we were doing Car Talk, he would come in late and leave early. We used to warn him that if he left work any earlier, he’d pass himself coming in.

"Tom spent his life doing what he was born to do. Making friends, philosophizing, thinking out loud, solving people’s problems, and laughing his butt off,” says Ray.

Doug Berman:
“He and his brother changed public broadcasting forever,” said Doug Berman, the brothers’ longtime producer. “Before Car Talk, NPR was formal, polite, cautious....even stiff. By being entirely themselves, without pretense, Tom and Ray single-handedly changed that, and showed that real people are far more interesting than canned radio announcers. And every interesting show that has come after them owes them a debt of gratitude.

“I think the body of work he leaves will definitely be held up with great American humorists like the Marx Brothers and Mark Twain,” said Berman. “He was a genius. And he happened to use that genius to make other people feel good and laugh. I suspect, generations from now, people will be listening to Car Talk and feeling good and laughing."

Jarl Mohn, NPR President and CEO:
"This is a heartbreaking loss for all of us at NPR, our Member Stations, and the millions of listeners in the public radio family. Countless people first discovered public radio by laughing along with Click and Clack every Saturday morning. Through Car Talk, Tom is one of those responsible for transforming NPR into the institution it is today. We extend our deepest sympathy to Ray and the Magliozzi family."

Susan Stamberg, Special Correspondent NPR:
“Funny and smart and big-hearted, Tom was as warm in real life as he was on the radio.”

Eric Nuzum, Vice President of Programming, NPR:
"NPR believes that Car Talk is timeless, classic, joyous entertainment, and so we intend to distribute the series as long as there are people who enjoy listening to it.

“Tom’s brother, Ray, also believes that the finest tribute he can give to his brother is to allow current and future generations to discover and enjoy Tom’s infectious, positive attitude toward life. We'll have more to say shortly."

Charlie Kravetz, General Manager, WBUR Boston:
“Genius comes in many forms, and we know that Tom’s came in the form of laughter,” said General Manager Charlie Kravetz. “Everyone who loves Car Talk starts with the same question, ‘Which one has the laugh?’ That was Tommy. He was the definition of self-deprecation as he made fun of everyone, but first and foremost himself. He was smart and wise and funny: an unbeatable combination.”