Quit Picking on Art History Students!

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Staff Blog | Feb 08, 2012

We got a note recently from an irate listener who is sick and tired of hearing Tom and Ray give Art History majors a hard time about not finding jobs.

Our detractor did not sign the note, which leads us to conclude that he or she has landed one of the only three paying gigs in the Art History field and is unwilling to jeopardize that by publicly associating with the likes of us.

Dear Tom & Ray:

Quit picking on Art History students!

You've given Art History majors a lot of grief over the years. Yet, according to this article, Art History degrees barely made the Top 20 list of worst-paying college degrees. Moreover, an Art History graduate can expect to make 25% more starting out than someone with one of the degrees at the top of the list.

I think you owe an apology to all (both?) of the Art History majors who listen to your show.

She's not pleased with us, either! (Flickr photo by JKleeman)

Dear Listener:

We were pretty excited to see that “Recreation & Leisure” is a major now. Makes us consider going back to school! Though it doesn’t carry the new-found social prestige of Art History, at least it comes in ahead of “Horticulture!”

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