You can guess what happens when Our Lousy Column runs in the Food section of your local rag -- more lousy jokes!

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Apr 01, 1998

Dear Tom and Ray:

As the proud owner of a '57 Chevy pickup, I have utilized and appreciated your
technical prowess and humor. Your efforts have helped me, and obviously
countless others, deal with the love-hate relationships that are inevitable in
motor vehicle ownership. A problem has arisen, through no fault of your own. My
local newspaper has started running your column in the weekly Food section, and
whenever I read it now, I get hungry. Is there anything you can do? -- Harry

RAY: Harry, we were just about to toss your silly little letter into the garbage
can. But then we realized that it presents us with a great opportunity to print
one of the most tasteless attempts at humor anyone has sent us in weeks!

TOM: And I'm sure that printing it -- a "menu" from the so-called Road Kill Cafe
-- will succeed in suppressing your appetite.

RAY: We should warn all of our sophisticated readers that the following is in
poor taste.

TOM: If you are reading this over breakfast, you may want to skip right now to
some more-appetizing section of today's newspaper, like "Answers About Acne."

RAY: OK, Harry. According to the menu that one of our alert readers sent us, the
Road Kill Cafe serves up Slab of Lab, Shar-Pei Fillet and Poodles With Noodles.

TOM: Rounding out the canine portion of the menu, they've also got German
Shepherd's Pie and the ever-popular Collie Hit by a Trolley.

RAY: In terms of wild game, you've got your Smear of Deer, your Smidgen of
Pigeon, your Road Toad a la Mode and your perfectly aged Rigor Mortis Tortoise.

TOM: And, if you haven't lost your appetite by now, Harry, why not go for my
personal favorite, "Chicken that Didn't Cross the Road"?!

* * *

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