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Top 10 Lousiest Things Customers Do
What's your relationship like with your mechanic? Are you grateful? Wary? Terrified? Well, remember, it's a two-way street. Your mechanic is a person, too. A person with feeling and emotions — even if they're generally expressed as grunts. So, from a mechanic's point of view, what makes a "good" or "bad" customer?

Here's what can put you in the doghouse.


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Top 10 Road Trip Tips
Every road trip is memorable in its own way. Many of those memories, though, include overheating engines, circling vultures and expensive stays at bed-lice-ridden motels in two-bit towns — moments most of us would have preferred to avoid. In that spirit...

Here are our road trip tips.


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Most Annoying Things Other Drivers Do
It's a known fact that everyone reading this is an above-average driver — and that each of us always displays deep and abiding civility toward our fellow travelers. So we're sure you won't recognize yourself in any of the items in our list.

See for yourself.


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Features We'd Really Like to See in All Cars
The technological innovations just keep on coming: Electronic stability control, a life-saving innovation, is now making its way into cheaper and cheaper cars. You can now save your relationship thanks to dual climate controls. Of course, not every innovation is a winner. Anybody for a fake convertible top? What would we like to see in every car, if we could have our way?

Here's our list!


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Top 10 Cars We Hate The Most
These are the cars that cause us to mumble under our breath when they drive by. So smug. So reliable. Sure! Drive right past our shop! How's a mechanic supposed to make a monthly boat payment with so many of these things on the road?

Check them out.


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Top 10 Worst Things Your Mechanic Can Tell You
There are lots of things you do want to hear from your mechanic, like, "It was nothing. A wire fell off. I reattached it. No charge." But there are some things you never want to hear, over the phone, from your mechanic.

Here's our Top 10.


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Top 10 Best Ways to Keep Your Car Running
Number 1: Don't Drive. Want your car to last? Don't use it. That sounds obvious, but it's worth keeping in mind. From making fewer short trips to finding a mechanic you can trust, here is an overflowing handful of tips.

Check all 14 of them all out.


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Top 10 Scariest Cars of All Time
Around the Halloween season, we asked Tom and Ray to give us their Top 10 scariest cars. They came through and were even kind enough to tell us for whom exactly the cars are scary.

Read on, if you dare (imagine spooky laughter here)...


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Top 10 Signs You Sho uld Pull Over Immediately
Cars are so reliable these days; it's easy to forget that you can still have an emergency. Here's our Top 10 list of the things that should cause you to pull your car over immediately. (We know, this was supposed to be only 10 reasons to pull over immediately, but we thought of a few more. So sue us!)

Our Top 10 12


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Top 10 Warning Signs That You Shouldn't Buy a Used Car
Shopping for a used car? Great! There are plenty of good deals out there. If you're not careful, though, you can wind up with a car that'll pay for your mechanic's new in-ground Olympic-size pool.

Here are some telltale signs that you should "lace 'em up and run."

Top 20 Signs You Should Avoid a Garage
Ever walked into a mechanic's garage and caught a glimpse of something that made you want to turn tail and flee, even if every light on your dashboard were flashing and the nearest alternative was 50 miles down a dark, lonely highway?

Hold onto your hats, here are our 20 deepest fears.