Now We Remember Where Tom Parked the MG!

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Staff Blog | Apr 25, 2012

Tom swears he always uses his parking brake but we're not so sure. A 30-year-old MG convertible was spotted recently, parked at the bottom of the Charles River, not far from Car Talk Plaza.

A listener sent us the full story from Harvard Recycling (thanks Larry!):

"Winter-spring drought produces an unexpected sighting in the Charles: Clear, silt- and algae-free early spring waters of Charles River reveal 30-year-old MG convertible perforated with hundreds of rust holes next to Newell Boat House. Harvard Police defer investigation to Massachusetts State Police, who send 15 patrol cars, boat, helicopter, and scuba divers to investigate. When no body or evidence of foul play is found, somewhat crestfallen police depart, leaving Harvard Athletics to deal with hulk."

We suspect it is Tom's because a copy of "How to Unload an Old Car and Collect Insurance Money" was found on the passenger seat.

An eyewitness describes the car as "British Algae Green." (Joe Shea photo)

We'd like for Tom Magliozzi to drop by the station to assist us with our inquiries. (Joe Shea photo)

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