Nouns of assembly.

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Mar 01, 1992

TOM: In the interests of recycling, we thought we'd share something with you that our radio listeners have been playing with lately.

RAY: We've been asking them to come up with something called "nouns of assembly."

TOM: What are nouns of assembly, you may ask? They're oddball plural nouns, like "a school of fish," "a rafter of turkeys," or "a gaggle of geese."

RAY: But we're looking for nouns of assembly for things related to the automotive industry. For ex?ample, here are a few that our radio listeners dreamed up.

TOM: You remember the old Ford Ranchero? That was a vehicle that was half-car/half-pick-up truck. Well, one of our listeners came up with "a HUEVO of RANCHEROS."

RAY: Here's another one: "A BEVY of CHEVYS."

TOM: Or one of my favorites: "A LOT of USED CAR SALESMEN."

RAY: If you can come up with one, send it to us in care of this newspaper. We'll publish the best of them here in our column. And if we use yours, we'll send you a copy of our mediocre new book, CAR TALK.

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