Noteworthy Apps

Where to Wee
Car Talk listeners like Where to Wee Restroom Locator for iPhone and Android. The app detects your location and suggests nearby restrooms. Users can rate restrooms, upload photos, and even see award-winning memorable restrooms near them. Some day, Where to Wee might just save your trousers!

There were several nominees in a category we like to think of as "Keeping the kids quiet and the driver happy." The hands-down winner, though, was Netflix for iPhone or Android. "Are we there yet?" has to be the only thing a driver wants to hear less than "Hello and welcome to Car Talk!" Set up your passengers with the Netflix app, and you'll never have to hear either of those unpleasant sounds again.

"This is a great app for the iPhone that has thousands of free audiobooks to listen to. Perfect for the long road trip," says one Car Talk Community visitor. Bookdroid is a similar app for Android.

In the good citizen department, Car Talk listeners use SeeClickFix for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone to report issues like potholes, missing or broken signs and lights, and traffic pattern problems to their local governments. This app also keeps track of how quickly municipalities address reported issues, in an attempt to shame city halls into action.

Trip Splitter
Trip Splitter for iPhone is also getting attention from the Car Talk Community. Our listeners are using it to keep track of road trip expenses and remember who paid for what. At the end of the trip, Trip Splitter divides the tab easily and evenly so your pleasant road trip doesn't have to end with a complicated math problem. Trip Splitter can also split bills unevenly, making it downright bad news for the mooching in-law who always orders lobster.

Craftsman Garage Door
Much more than a glorified garage remote, Craftsman Garage Door can actually tell if you left your garage open in your rush to get the kids to their pan flute classes. Once you realize you forgot, the app can then close the door.
Breathometer won’t tell you if you're suffering from a toxic case of halitosis, but it will offer an accurate read of your blood alcohol concentration. The first of its kind, Breathometer attaches to your iPod just like a radio adapter; simply plug it in. Unlike your radio adapter, however, you'lll need to exhale into it. Then, bingo! You'll know whether you’re good to drive… or not. And if the answer's no? You'll get connected to a safer way home-- though the taxi fare’s on you. Not available until this Fall (as patent and Food and Drug Administration bureaucracy needs to get sorted out), you can preorder the app and associated device at Breathometer's website.

Do you have another car app that you prefer? Let us know!