No Cars Named for Dogs!

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Staff Blog | Jun 29, 2012

Car Talk listener Ron Edison made what we thought was a very good point:

Carmakers name cars after all sorts of things: virtues (Intrepid), exotic places (Yukon), natural and cosmic phenomena (Avalanche, Galaxy).

Animal names are among the most popular: Cobra, Mustang, Impala. We like to think these names imbue our vehicles with the qualities of speed and grace... and some married folks just like the idea of seeing their spouse in a Barracuda!

But man’s best friend is given short shrift. Except for the Greyhound bus, the roster of dog names is blank. So my wife and I came up with a list of names that would bring dog lovers flocking to the showrooms:

Austin Mini-Cocker
Buick Skypup
Honda Malamute
Isuzu Scooper
Mercury Schnauzer
Nissan Retriever
Oldsmobile Airedale
Porsche Turbo Beagle
Suzuki Grand Chihuahua\

Well said, Ron! (We've got a treat waiting for you at Car Talk Plaza.)

Here's what we're wondering: what characteristics would each model have? Would the Land Rover Labrador, for instance, include amphibious capabilities and rapid acceleration? Would the Subaru Saint Bernard be excellent in the snow, but lacking nimble handling and prone to slobbering on its occupants? 

Share your suggestions for doggie makes and models right here -- and don't forget their features, too!

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