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Staff Blog | Sep 15, 2012

On this week's Car Talk, we shared a few of the hundreds of car names we received, following our recent call from Robert in Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee.

Robert, it seems, had bought a used pickup, and was concerned about the possible deleterious effects of changing said ride's name from Mark to Marcie. That's right... Robert's pickup's got a name. (Missed it? You can hear the call here.)

We told Robert that the whole idea of naming vehicles is foreign to us — neither of us has ever named a car. Cars don't have souls, they're just inanimate boxes designed to move us from one place to another.

But, many of you said, "Au contraire, Piston Pusses!" Many, many hundreds, actually. One listener went so far as to suggest we let you name our cars for us.

So, now's your chance.

Got a name for one of our cars of yore? Take a look below, see what strikes you, and let us know!

Tom's '79 Fiat. It never started -- not even after he fixed it and sold it to our pal Joe Wiesenfelder.Name Tommy's 79 Fiat!

Rare-- possibly unique-- image of Tom's '52 MG TD in motion.Name Tommy's 52 MG TD!

The first and last time Tom and Ray were chauffeured in Tommy's '63 Dodge Dart.Name Tommy's 63 Dodge Dart! 

It was so ugly, apparently no one took a photo of Ray's '87 Dodge Colt Vista. Here's a less trashed replica. (Flickr image/Oran Viriyincy)Name Ray's 87 Colt Vista!

Yours in calling our vehicles something other than &*$#-box,

Tom and Ray Magliozzi
Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers

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