The ideal way to park a manual transmission at a stop light.

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Feb 01, 1999

Dear Tom and Ray:

My wife won't let me drive her car until I drive the way she does. Her '95
Contour is a five speed. When she is at a red light, one foot is on the clutch,
the other is on the brake, and the car is in first gear. When I'm at a red
light, I put the car in neutral with one foot on the brake. Which is best?

My argument is that my way saves wear on the clutch and you don't take the
chance of your foot slipping off the clutch. My wife says she has always driven
this way and won't change. Maybe you can convince her. -- Raymond

TOM: Well, Raymond, you're absolutely right. But before you go waving this in
your wife's face and demanding that she change her ways, I suggest that you
think very carefully about this important question:

RAY: Would you rather be right, or happy (i.e. do you prefer your dinners cooked
or uncooked for the rest of your life)?

TOM: I always choose happy ... and cooked.


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