My husband's from the stone age...

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Aug 01, 1990

Dear Tom and Ray:

My husband and I have a 1990 Buick. The problem is that he simply refuses to use the air conditioner. We have had new cars for the past several years, and he always says that using the air conditioning in city driving will cause the car to overheat and vapor lock. We have had temperatures approaching 100 this summer, and yet he insists we drive with the windows open, blowing hot air into the car, and completely destroying my hairdo. I asked him if maybe cars these days are made so one could use the air conditioning without a problem. He says no. Please comment on this in your column.

RAY: Well Betty, we sent your family stationery out to be carbon-dated, and the results indicate that you and your husband have been around for a while. Right?

TOM: Unfortunately, hubby still seems to be stuck in the stone age. He probably had this sort of overheating problem on his first Stutz-Bearcat, and he never forgot it.

RAY: Assuming that the cooling system on your car is in good working order (and you would certainly assume that of a brand new car), driving in city traffic with the air conditioner on should be no problem. Trust us. If air conditioners could only be used in cold weather, they'd sell a lot fewer of them.

TOM: So roll up the windows, Betty, and turn on the AC full blast. If your husband complains, tell him to take a hike. With your hairdo intact, you should have no trouble picking up a nice 19 year old.

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