Can you recommend a vehicle with higher than average seats for someone with limited mobility?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Dec 01, 2000

Dear Tom and Ray:

My husband has artificial hips and is experiencing less and less flexibility as time goes by. Getting into low seats anywhere is a real problem for him; his hips should not/cannot bend more than 90 degrees. Can you suggest vehicles we could consider, i.e., any with wide doors and seats higher than a Taurus, for example, but not as high as a lot of SUVs? -- Karen

TOM: Well, I would guess you'd want a car where the seat bottom is at about thigh-height, Karen. And I would suggest a station wagon/SUV hybrid like the Subaru Forester.

RAY: It's taller than a car, but not so tall that you have to "climb up" to get into it.

TOM: Another possibility, depending on your husband's height, is a minivan. Most minivans also have seat positions that are taller than a car's -- although they might be too high for him.

RAY: We actually have a new "Special Needs Zone" on our Web site (the Car Talk section of for people with questions like this. So far, no one has asked us this particular question, but I'm sure we have other readers who have had to solve this problem. So, folks ... what vehicle have you found to be particularly good for people with limited mobility?

TOM: Write us in care of this newspaper (or e-mail us from the Car Talk section of, and share your suggestions with Karen and everybody else.

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