A Ford that's bucking like a Bronco just might need a new electronic ignition control module.

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Feb 01, 1998

Dear Tom and Ray:

My '84 Ford LTD runs great most of the time. But every so often it will cut out
and buck like a bronco. Usually, an increase or decrease in acceleration will
clear it up. But sometimes I have to pull over, shut off the engine and start
again. Then it will run rough for a moment, and smooth out. I've had it in to
two different garages. As a result, I have a new fuel filter, new spark plugs, a
new distributor cap and a new rotor. I also still have an LTD that bucks like a
bronco. Do you have any idea what it could be? -- Ella

RAY: Well, I'm sure Ford Motor Company is pleased, Ella. Because if your LTD is
really bucking like a Bronco, at least you've stayed in the Ford family!

TOM: I'd bet on the electronic ignition control module, Ella. Fords are famous
for this problem.

RAY: The EIC is a small, square, silver box about the size of a Big Mac that's
bolted to the inner fender. It helps determine when the sparks fire. And when it
goes bad, it can cause just this sort of problem. And it can be this
intermittent, too.

TOM: The EIC is cheap. It costs less than 100 bucks. And I bet it'll solve your
problem, Ella. Good luck.

* * *

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