Who's right: Father or Daughter?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Apr 01, 1993

Dear Tom and Ray:

My dear father and I seek eternal truth from an indisputable source. Recently, my father tried to convince me that all of the repairs done on my car have been routine maintenance (it's a 1984 Chevy Camaro, so we KNOW that's not true!). I brought up the fact that my first clutch needed replacement at 30,000 miles. Dad INSISTS that clutches NORMALLY wear out between 20-30,000 miles. He swears clutches are not meant to go beyond 30,000 miles! I, being wiser and more rational, know that clutches, if used properly, have a minimum lifespan of 60,000 miles. The only reason it was replaced was that I was having a new transmission put in (another fine example of routine maintenance!). My father, being a father, believes that "kids don't know anything." For this reason, I need another source to support my premise. It would be unfortunate, and DANGEROUS for my father to continue to be misinformed. Please give us your opinion. As a last comment, be assured that no one adores you guys more than I do. But don't let THAT sway your opinion (in all fairness, Dad's a fan, too!).

RAY: Gee, Ann, you're putting us in a really uncomfortable position. You're asking us to tell a fan of ours that he's wrong. And you know how few fans we have!

TOM: You're asking us to break a bond with a fellow male, and side with a younger female.

RAY: You're asking us to humiliate a decent, hard-working, caring father in front of his previously devoted daughter, despite all the emotional turmoil we know that's going to cause.

TOM: Ahhh, what the heck. You're old man's nuts, Ann.

N.B. Sandy Klink....this is the one with the "Ray Ban" that we'd like to print backwards if possible.

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