Music on the Show

Department of automusicology

Which college major is most likely to lead to a career building Whoppers? Nope, Art History is a distant second to...Automusicology!

How do we know? Well, we employ the country's only licensed Automusicologist, David "Calves of Belleville" Greene.

What was that song I just heard?

The Car Talk Theme Song Find out about David Grisman and Dawgy Mountain Breakdown
Stump the Chumps Theme Song What's the deal with that whacko Stump The Chumps music? Here's what.
The Music in the Middle Find out about that nice piano/guitar music called Dixie Flyer that's played sort of in the middle of the show.
The Plastic Banana By Tony Rice. That's the music in the third half of the show.
Automotive Tunes
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Find out about Car Talk Car Tunes. Every week we update our complete, unabridged, definitive, pretty-much-updated-regularly searchable list of car tunes.

You can also suggest a piece of automusic via email.