Motavalli Raises the Level of Discourse... a Bit

Jim Motavalli

Jim Motavalli | May 13, 2010

Wednesdays, Tom and Ray often find themselves slaving away (translation: an hour or more of work) across town, at WBUR. This week, we were joined by our pal Jim Motavalli, our new blogger on the web site. What's it like having lunch with the guys? Here's Jim's take:

Eating lunch with Click and Clack reminded me of the eighth-grade cafeteria--you have to be ready to spit out your milk.

Only Ray could tell a long story involving the horrendously failed repair of a French-built Citroën's hydraulic suspension and leave his audience spellbound. I found this on an enthusiast's web site: "Citroën's hydro-pneumatic suspension, despite a reputation for complexity, complication and unreliability is actually very simple in operation and very reliable." Only a true fanatic could write that.

I dreamed I had lunch with the co-hosts of Car Talk, and an elegant meal, catered from the pricey nouvelle cuisine bistro down the street, served on fine bone china. There were three forks, finger bowls and a different wine for each course. Then I woke up, and saw my sandwich wrapped in butcher paper. "Are you a vegetarian?" they asked. "Thought so."

It was cold, prompting Tommy to not only don his jacket but complain about the unseasonability of it all. Ray said he'd call every morning and tell Tommy if it was warm enough to get out of bed.

I have an identical twin brother, and we both do radio shows--but almost never have done one together. If we did he'd talk about collecting esoteric rare books and I'd talk minutiae about green cars -- I see huge ratings.

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