When will Mercedes change the headlight design on the S-class to match that of the E-class?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Nov 01, 1996

Dear Tom and Ray:

Mercedes Benz has changed its E series body style, and added those nice,
round, bug-eye headlights. I would like to know when Mercedes will change
the S series body style. The local dealer says he has no information at
this time. Do you? -- Paula

TOM: Here's what we know, Paula. The mid-sized E Class was updated last
year. And the larger S Class is not due for a redesign until the end of the
century, which -- last time I checked -- is about three years away.

RAY: Since it's still several years off, we don't know whether the styling
will be similar to the current E Class that you like. Things seem to be
getting "rounder" in general at Mercedes, but who knows exactly what
they'll do with it by then. I wouldn't be surprised if they even made it a
little smaller.

TOM: By the way, Paula, you must have big bucks if you're looking at an S
Class Mercedes!

RAY: Yeah. Wouldn't you be just as happy with an E Class, and 10,000 copies
of our latest pamphlet?

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