Listener Guest Book: Tom Magliozzi

Oh, this is such sad news. Tom and Ray motivated me to get back into radio after being on radio in college. In our own way, we try to emulate them, not nearly as well. I was shocked when the boys retired, but have accepted the old shows as well since there are so many of them and they are so wonderful. My heartfelt love and condolences to the Magliozzi Family and the Car Talk Family as well. There is a lot of laughing in Heaven today!
Tom Gocze

I only recently discovered the CarTalk radio shows and quickly exposed my wife to Tom and Ray's incites on life, love and cars, all of which are intertwined in some mysterious and confounding fashion. One of the greatest things I learned from the boys is that it isn't the destination, it's the journey. May the journey continue...
Joe de Souza

Thank you for all you and your family have given to all of us. Thanks and safe journeys.MB
M B Silveira

His laugh made us laugh - what an amazing gift.

what a loss, love you both so much

RIP Tom! You brought a lot of joy and laughter into this household over the airwaves.
Wil Daugherty
Saint Clair

Oh I am so sad to hear of the death of Tom Magliozzi, never was sure if he was Click or Clack, but I loved him and his brother Ray. I really had no interest in cars or car repair, but I loved listening to Car Talk and did so most Saturday mornings. I can hear his strong Boston accented voice and laugh in my mind's ear. Oh, Tom, rest in car-heavenly peace. So Sad! We will all miss you out here in NPR's radio land.
Morris Plains

No matter what my mood, whenever I was lucky enough to hear CarTalk, I would immediately bounce back to a place of absolute light, laughter and joy. You two have such a gift for making others laugh and unite- his laugh was enough to make me laugh. So pure, unrestricted and .....I will miss it and extend my heartfelt sympathy to your family. What a loss for so many.
Los Angeles

How can Tom be gone? He was there every Saturday on my radio ... on the best radio show I've ever known. Who will fix my car now? Who will ever make me laugh like that again? Thanks, Tom AND Ray, for all the fun and stupid smarts and being right most of the time. I'm glad there are recordings, and I'm so happy I wasted all those hours with you. Goodnight, sweet prince ... and flights of car horns blast thee to thy rest!
Michael Hynes

Dear Ray, and the rest of the Magliozzis, Thank you for sharing your big brother with me (with us) for so many years. My world has been for ever enriched. Laughter, Affection and Love....what more can one ask.
Albert Joy

His laugh made us laugh - what an amazing gift.

Thoughts and prayers for the family. He will be missed....

Ray, I got divorced in 2009-2010. That was when I discovered Car Talk. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have made through such a traumatic experience without you and your brother. I can't tell you how hard the news of Tom's death has hit me today. While some people pretend to mourn over celebrities that they've never met, I felt like Tom was some beloved guy down the street that I saw every day. He was the kind of guy you don't want to ever do without again once you meet him. You'll never know how grateful I am to you and Tom, Ray. It is truly your doing (partially) that I'm standing here today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Patton Zarate
San Antonio

Tom will be missed. May he rest in peace.

I am so sorry to hear of Tom's death. My late husband and I would often listen to your show, Tom and Ray has us laughing out loud,sometimes to tears.we also planned our Sat. errands around the show. It is wonderful that he lived his life on his own terms. Love and prayers to Tom's family and friends

I love both of you like family- a nice family. Blessings to all of you - I'm sure Tom is cruising eith the Big Guy!