Learn to Drive Stick

Learning to Drive Stick Shift
Teaching someone to drive a stick shift can be a potentially traumatic experience for the teacher, and stress-inducing for the student. To minimize the angst, we suggest preparing in advance with the following items:

  1. A patient parent, friend or relative.
  2. A manual transmission vehicle whose owner who doesn’t mind you using it to learn stick.
  3. A quiet, large, relatively flat place to learn.
  4. Plenty of time.
  5. Barf bags.

Why You Should Learn to Drive Stick
Since more than nine out of ten new cars are sold with an automatic transmission, you may think you can survive without knowing how to drive stick.

In our humble opinion, though, learning how to drive stick is one of those time-honored skills that just might save your tuchus. Knowing how to drive stick could also get you out of a sticky situation. Like fleeing the scene in a "borrowed" getaway car.